Week 9: Software Prototype


The Task of the last week of our project was to build a first functional prototype of our application.
For the implementation our group received a PrimeSense Sensor which is simmilar to the famous Kinect for the XBOX 360. (http://www.asus.com/Multimedia/Xtion_PRO).

For the Implementation of our prototype we chose the following development stack:

  • Processing 2.1
  • SimpleOpenNi 1.96
  • Java 1.7

Our first implementation shows how we plan to add different kinds of clothing to our users. This is done using gesture control for selecting the clothes and using body part detection and tracking of the user with help of our PrimeSense sensor. The clothes are 3D objects, which allows for scaling and also rotating of them, giving the user a nice view of the clothes from different angles.


During development of the prototype we’ve found that the Drag&Drop selection (introduced during the Paper Prototype phase) of clothes by the hand of the user is redundand. Therefore we decided to implement the clothes selection just by “clicking” over the desired clothing.

Currently there is only a small amount of 3D clothes that we’ve found online for free. Also the current UI is in it’s very early stages and it has to be implemented further.


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